Introduction to Video Creation

Getting started with iMovie:

See also the iMovie help articles on the Apple website.


Shooting “B-roll” Footage:


More b-roll tips.


Week 6

Podcast Presentations

1. Fill out a podcast process note and copy/paste it into an email to me.

2. Work with your group to develop a presentation that addresses:

  • What you learned from this project – both regarding content and technology.
  • Any particular challenges you faced.
  • Play a 3- to 5-minute clip of your podcast (write down the minute and second time at which to start playing the clip).
  • Ask the class two discussion questions based on the work that you did.
  • At the end of each presentation, the class will be expected to respond to the podcast: Both to “workshop” the project—to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses as a project—and to engage with the ideas that it raised.

Blog post assignment

Watch informational videos on topics of your choice (on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and write a review of two of them. Embed the videos in your post and comment on the content as well as the format/style of the video.

Next week in class, we’ll begin work on our video essays.

Week 5

In class: Work on podcasts in groups.

Due Friday: Podcasts (one group member should post and the others can repost; see requirements on Podcast Assignment page).

Due Sunday: Listen to your classmates’ podcasts and write a response post that includes feedback to at least two of them. Link to or embed the podcasts, and comment not only on the content, but also on the style, formatting, organization, use of music and sound, etc. (This should be its own original post; you do not need to repost this week.)

Bonus: Handy guide for citing social media sources:



Week 4

In class: Complete podcast proposals and begin research.

Blog post due Sunday 2/21: Post to report on research you’ve conducted that’s relevant to your podcasts.

Podcast Assignment

Deadline: Friday, February 26

Working with your group, create a 30- to 40-minute podcast that includes:

– research
– an interview (with someone outside your group)
– examples from pop culture
– music and/or audio elements (check out these free creative commons sources)

Your podcast should address:

– One aspect of millennial culture
-Generational differences related to one topic


-Use Audacity (free software)
-Upload to SoundCloud
-Embed the SoundCloud audio file on your WordPress blogs (all group members) with 100- to 200- word introduction at the beginning and a Works Cited list of sources (MLA style).
-Include tags in your posts.

Plangere Culture Lab

You can reserve recording time outside of class in the Plangere Culture Lab (Murray Hall 3rd floor)

Reservations: Contact Sabrina DelPiano two days in advance:

Room reservation form here. Equipment checkout form here.

Douglass Library Media Center

You can also borrow equipment from the Douglass Library Media Center. The equipment includes a Panasonic HD Video Camera (with tripod), a Sony HD Flip Video Camera (with mini-tripod), and a Digital voice recorder that converts audio files to .mp3 and other formats. Software for editing the audio and video files is available in Douglass Library’s Fordham Commons and Fordham Multimedia Lab. The Douglass equipment booking form can be found here.







See our Sakai site homepage for a list of class email addresses.

Week 3

1. Share generational differences blog posts

2. Discuss podcasts

  • The MullerCast: “Millennial Culture and the Experience-Driven Life”
  • The Cracked Podcast: “Millennial Panic!”
  • Ron Paul Liberty Report: “Talking to Millennials About Liberty”

3. Podcast assignment + Experiment with Audacity

4. Blog post for Sunday*

–Listen to two episodes (from any two podcasts of your choice) for next week. Write a response post that includes an analysis of content as well as style, format, structure, technology.

–Some ideas: Tyler Oakley, MuggleCast, Rooster Teeth, RadioLab, This American Life, Serial Night, Vale, WTF with Marc Maron, Uhh Yeah Dude, BuzzFeed, Studio 360, Slate Cultural Gabfest, Fresh Air, TED Radio Hour, Joe Rogen Experience, Disorderly Conduct, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Off the Record, Doin’ It Raw, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Saw Bones, The Dead Authors Podcast

*note change from syllabus. New assignments for next two weeks:

Monday, February 15
—By Sunday 2/14 at 6:00 p.m., post in response to two podcast episodes of your choice.

Monday, February 22
—By Sunday at 6:00 p.m., write research blog posts for your podcasts.

Week 2

  1. Watch Episode 1 of Daria, Esteemsters.”
  2. Compose individual blog posts on the connections between “Esteemsters” and Twenge’s “An Army of One: Me.” Be sure to link to the “Esteemsters” video in your post.
  3. Class discussion of “Esteemsters” and Twenge.


With the other members of your workstation, choose a topic (race, education, health, etc.) and research it in relation to Millennials (GenMe) and one of the following generations:

The Greatest Generation

Baby Boomers

Gen X

  1. Share your research and create a group blog post that highlights the similarities and differences between these groups, using one multimedia element (video, audio, photo, animated gif, embedded tweet, etc.) per generation. Cite your sources by embedding links.
  2. The other group members should reblog the original post.
  3. Present blog posts to the class.

Week 1

1. Create your own blog using WordPress.

Customize it as much as you like (at the very least, add a new header image and choose new fonts). Make sure to include your first name in the blog title or description.

Email me your URL. I will list all the class blogs here; follow all of your classmates’ blogs.

2. Start Blogging!

Write a 250-word blog post describing your definition of millennials. Who qualifies as a millennial? What are the characteristics of millennials? What do they care about? What are some misconceptions about millennials?

Read the articles about millennials under “Resources” on the main class blog.

Find and read 2-3 other blog posts, think pieces, or articles on millennials (go past p. 1 of Google)

Add 250 words to your post summarizing your research and discussing what you learned by reading the above resources. What did you learn? What were you surprised about? What do you disagree with?

Blogging Skill Focus: Properly Citing Sources. Be sure to cite your sources by naming and linking to them. You should cite at least two of the resources I’ve provided and at least two of your own. You can read more about properly citing internet sources here.

3. Group Blog Posts

Work with those at your workstation to create a blog post that presents “Five Defining Qualities of Millennials.” Share your research with each other before deciding on the five qualities. Post directly to one group member’s blog; the other group members should reblog the post.



Millennial Panic!” (The Cracked Podcast)

The Millennials Are Here!” (Advisorpod): this podcast appears to be down right now; please listen to this one instead: “Talking to Millennials About Liberty” (Ron Paul Liberty Report)

Millennial Culture and the Experience Driven Life” (The MullerCast)

Optional: “The Hashtag Makes Us Cool… Right?” (#Millennials)


On Millennials

The Pew Research Center’s reports on millennials.

“Generation Uphill” at The Economist (note that this is a multi-part article).

“Millennials” Coming of Age” at Goldman Sachs.

The White House’s 2014 report, “15 Economic Facts About Millennials.”