Final Project Proposal

Due this Sunday night: A blog post that proposes a final project that 1) addresses millennial culture in some way, and 2) takes the form of a podcast, video, or another multimedia project of your choice.

Proposal requirements:

—500 words minimum.
—Explain motivation for the project.
—Describe your vision for the style and content of the project.
—Outline the technological aspects of the project.
—List at least five questions you’d like to investigate.
—Include tags on your post.


Please be specific. Since you don’t have particular guidelines from me this time regarding length, content, etc., you should include all of these details in your proposal.Propose what you’d like to do as specifically as possible so that it can be either approved or modified. You might want to use the video essay and podcast assignments, linked in the upper-left-hand menu on this blog, to guide you.


You can work on your own, with a partner, or in a group of up to three students. Include this information in your proposal. Each group member should post his/her own proposal separately.



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