Week 6

Podcast Presentations

1. Fill out a podcast process note and copy/paste it into an email to me.

2. Work with your group to develop a presentation that addresses:

  • What you learned from this project – both regarding content and technology.
  • Any particular challenges you faced.
  • Play a 3- to 5-minute clip of your podcast (write down the minute and second time at which to start playing the clip).
  • Ask the class two discussion questions based on the work that you did.
  • At the end of each presentation, the class will be expected to respond to the podcast: Both to “workshop” the project—to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses as a project—and to engage with the ideas that it raised.

Blog post assignment

Watch informational videos on topics of your choice (on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and write a review of two of them. Embed the videos in your post and comment on the content as well as the format/style of the video.

Next week in class, we’ll begin work on our video essays.


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