Week 2

  1. Watch Episode 1 of Daria, Esteemsters.”
  2. Compose individual blog posts on the connections between “Esteemsters” and Twenge’s “An Army of One: Me.” Be sure to link to the “Esteemsters” video in your post.
  3. Class discussion of “Esteemsters” and Twenge.


With the other members of your workstation, choose a topic (race, education, health, etc.) and research it in relation to Millennials (GenMe) and one of the following generations:

The Greatest Generation

Baby Boomers

Gen X

  1. Share your research and create a group blog post that highlights the similarities and differences between these groups, using one multimedia element (video, audio, photo, animated gif, embedded tweet, etc.) per generation. Cite your sources by embedding links.
  2. The other group members should reblog the original post.
  3. Present blog posts to the class.

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