Week 1

1. Create your own blog using WordPress.

Customize it as much as you like (at the very least, add a new header image and choose new fonts). Make sure to include your first name in the blog title or description.

Email me your URL. I will list all the class blogs here; follow all of your classmates’ blogs.

2. Start Blogging!

Write a 250-word blog post describing your definition of millennials. Who qualifies as a millennial? What are the characteristics of millennials? What do they care about? What are some misconceptions about millennials?

Read the articles about millennials under “Resources” on the main class blog.

Find and read 2-3 other blog posts, think pieces, or articles on millennials (go past p. 1 of Google)

Add 250 words to your post summarizing your research and discussing what you learned by reading the above resources. What did you learn? What were you surprised about? What do you disagree with?

Blogging Skill Focus: Properly Citing Sources. Be sure to cite your sources by naming and linking to them. You should cite at least two of the resources I’ve provided and at least two of your own. You can read more about properly citing internet sources here.

3. Group Blog Posts

Work with those at your workstation to create a blog post that presents “Five Defining Qualities of Millennials.” Share your research with each other before deciding on the five qualities. Post directly to one group member’s blog; the other group members should reblog the post.




Millennial Panic!” (The Cracked Podcast)

The Millennials Are Here!” (Advisorpod): this podcast appears to be down right now; please listen to this one instead: “Talking to Millennials About Liberty” (Ron Paul Liberty Report)

Millennial Culture and the Experience Driven Life” (The MullerCast)

Optional: “The Hashtag Makes Us Cool… Right?” (#Millennials)


On Millennials

The Pew Research Center’s reports on millennials.

“Generation Uphill” at The Economist (note that this is a multi-part article).

“Millennials” Coming of Age” at Goldman Sachs.

The White House’s 2014 report, “15 Economic Facts About Millennials.”